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  • Nicolas Sauvage

    Nicolas Sauvage

    President of TDK Ventures, investing in — and serving — early-stage hardtech innovative startups

  • Atanas Mukov

    Atanas Mukov

    Senior Associate at BMW i Ventures. Mannheim, WHU, INSEAD alumnus, VC investing since 2014. Expressing own views.

  • Greg Smithies

    Greg Smithies

    Investor in Climate Tech, Sustainability, Robotics, AI, Software, and Sustainability applied to Unsexy Industries

  • Jon Broscious

    Jon Broscious

  • Mehmet Guzel

    Mehmet Guzel

  • Ali Mese

    Ali Mese

    Founder/Owner: Start it up + Curious + Geek Culture. I also write essays that help you get smarter at building your thing https://GrowthSupply.com

  • Sam Allen

    Sam Allen

  • Çetin Meriçli

    Çetin Meriçli

    Roboticist, entrepreneur, co-founder and CEO of Locomation (https://locomation.ai)

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